Therapeutic Areas

In X PHARMA we offer a comprehensive portfolio and the continuous development of innovative therapies, based on new technologies that respond to the challenges of the most common pathologies, as well as diseases that are difficult to manage.


Products for pain management that enable treatment depending on evolution (acute and/or chronic), intensity (mild, moderate, or severe) and origin (pathophysiology).


In response to the high prevalence of cardiovascular diseases, Legrand has developed products for monotherapy and combination therapy, which cover the entire spectrum of management of the two major cardiovascular risk factors: hypertension and dyslipidemia.


Medicinal products for the treatment of the main reasons for consultation and pathologies of the digestive system.


Medicinal products for the treatment of respiratory disease.


Broad-spectrum medicines for the treatment of various bacterial infections. Worth highlighting are cephalosporin with modified release technology and the first third-generation oral cephalosporin.


XPHARMA is getting involved in the design of products, procedures and drugs from genetic, cellular or tissue-based techniques, which constitute important challenges and complex developments, with the aim of presenting new options for patients.